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released December 31, 2015

Andrew: Vocals, Guitar
Ben: Organ, Vocals
Dave: Saxophone, Piano, Vocals
John: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Johndre the Giant: Bass, Vocals

Recorded by Ben Kettleson
Mixed and Mastered by Benny Grotto



all rights reserved


Art Thieves Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Anarchist
Hey man, the world's gone insane
You better shut your mouth and choose a different game
'Cause nobody gives a fuck about what you have to say
And nobody gives a fuck about what I have to sing

I'm a full-grown adult, and I think I'm an anarchist.

You're wasting all of your time
Some plagiaristic bullshit you dug up online
You prefer some prick in a suit over another prick in a suit?
You don't say...

I've come to the conclusion all alone, after years of thinking nothing good at all. That that's all this world needs, it's love.

I'm a full-grown anarchist.
Track Name: Dear Leader
I've likened your successes to the best charade
I can't afford to listen to your tirade
Some working man's professor with a chiefs parade
I'm counting on a finger those that you've saved.

You're never never never gonna show me how
You couldn't if you wanted to, don't know how
I know it when I see it, and I see you know
The biggest swinging part of you is your ego

I can't wait till you go home
No I can’t wait till you come on

I think we're all alone now
Everyone's so happy for a reason - seeing that ghoul run out.

Beloved is the leader with the most to lose
without him you’d have bodies that have been abused
I’ll follow you with weapons to the depths of hell
and slice your fucking throat as your feet fell

I can't wait till you go home
No I can’t wait till you come on

I think we're all alone now
Everyone's so happy for a reason - seeing that ghoul run out.
Track Name: Enemies
If this argument was up to me...
What happened to objectivity?
and positivity for that matter?
And that matters ‘cause I’m not so dumb

A guy’s got no shot anymore
His life and his wife are insecure

If we all became enemies of the state, then there’s no such thing as police states.

If we all became enemies of the state, there’d be no enemies at all.
Track Name: I Do
He don’t want to find another one.
He hasn’t been there in a while.
But old maps, they don’t find new spoils?
Yea, they do.

She sees the patterns so she decorates.
She hasn’t been there in a while.
I don’t want to get too hypothetical, but candor really brings me down.

If I fall, I’ll be screaming for my death and reaching for reality.
And if I crawl, this bleeding will ensue, and it doesn’t mean a thing to you.
Track Name: Enlightened
I’m a snake waiting to bite on the largest rat of my life. I’m an animal but I can’t hurt nobody. I'd like to say I practice live and let live.

I kind of feel like there’s an obligation, even though you keep you yourself.
It’s not like I’m trying to crush your dreams, but I guess I’m kind of trying to crush your dreams.

I’m alright with no white light
I’m hanging on the proof, you’re hanging on the line

While the world’s off killing in the name of it, I’ll watch it go just how they planned it.
There’ll be nothing left but overgrown plants that were able to resist all the radiants.

I’m enlightened and I’m not frightened.
Track Name: Art Thieves
Do you remember singing Boyz II Men in that long car ride? And you play your saxophone and cigarettes and I’ll sing to you, baby boy.

Johnny boy do you recall when we wanted it all? And we’d beat each other senseless with illegal weapons and we’d drink and drive.

This time I’ve really found my stride ‘cause I’ve got Benny by my side, and there’s things I’d like to say to you.
But then again I think you’ll hear it when we play it, all the things you need to know.

Gianni, sei sempre stato mio fratello. Ti amo.
Track Name: A Girl From Quincy
I went out to see deadlikedeath on a cold spring evening, I could see my breath.
Didn’t know that you’d be there too, but we saw each other and knew what to do.

I went outside just to catch some air, and I caught you there, just like you knew I’d be there.
I said “Why didn’t I marry you”, and then six months later, we said “I do”.

She came from Quincy, but she’s cool.
Sometimes you gotta read between the lines.
Sometimes you know what to do, and then other times you won’t but it’s all for you.
Track Name: Liar
Last time I put this pen to paper I lied to all my friends.
I made a bomb, I set it off, and that life came to an end.

That bottle talked my fucking ear off, and it outsmarted me.
So I set myself up on an island, and choked myself until I couldn’t breathe.

And when that false sun blinded me I searched for things to blame.
Was it booze, or was it broads, or was it jealousy, or pain?
And then I quickly realized that I’d lost who I was, and that’s the day the music died, but with no satisfaction of seeing blood.
Track Name: Out Of Place
It’s like a knife stuck in my gut
A transplant I can see
I’m on no sleep, and we’ve been at it for days, I feel like I’m not me

A picture perfect lot
A bright flash as we fell
A brave new world all against the odds, and it comes up looking like hell

That bright flash was a bulb
Got bright before it died
There is no chance that we're finding our way, no compass, no supplies